Supporting the NF2 Community through sharing Medical Information and Services

Organization Break

Time Undetermined / Possibly Permanently

NF2 Information and Services did not reach its required goal for continued operations. The GoFundMe link for donations on December 5, 2014 was $20,000 and still had not been reached and a lower goal was recently requested of $6,000 and was not reached for at least minimal operations costs. Due to inability to raise the minimum goal means the organization can no longer support the website, or other goals and will be frozen unless donations reach $20,000.

Two months ago when request to help us at least raise $6,000 for basic operations to continue was asked for, even that could not be raised and due to constant lack of funding, the CEO and Board Members have been paying organization costs personally.

For: 1) the content to return to the website, 2) work to complete the 'Neurofibromatosis Type 2 - Patients Guide' and 3) 'Understanding Neurofibromatosis Type 2 - Medical Release to be completed, $20,000 needs to be raised.

To donate visit: GoFundMe - NF2 Information and Services, Inc.

Note: Money could have been made with advertisements on the website but it would be a option below standards of the NF2 Information of NF2 Information and Services organization.

Important content for the health of people with NF2; will, would, and can never be shared here based on financial support sources.

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