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Q. What Is NF2?
A. NF2 is... MERLIN (Moesin-Ezrin-Radixin-Like), Bilateral Acoustic NF (BAN), MISME (Moesin-Ezrin-Radixin-Like) Syndrome

Neurofibromatosis Type II (NF2) is a genetic Autosomal Dominant condition that occurs equally in the population throughout the world and is not at any higher or lower risk based on; gender, ethnicity, cultural or country. While NF2 is a hereditary condition, many instances of NF2 are a result of Spontaneous Mutation; individuals with no family history of NF2.

NF2 results in slow growing noncancerous, but still dangerous tumors, primarily in the Central Nerve System; in the brain and along the spinal cord. Tumors also occur in other parts of the body, in peripheral areas such as arms and legs but still along nerves even tiny ones. These tumors can result in different forms of nerve, brain and body damage. - Learn More

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