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  1. Physical Activity
  2. Nutrition
    1. Iron: Immune System / Anemia
    2. Medication: Flue Shot and Antibiotics
    3. B12: Nerves
    4. Folic Acid
    5. Vitamin D
    6. Water and Alcohol (Dehydration)
    7. Physical Activity

For people with NF2 tumor cells start to grow at birth at varying rates of growth. There is no cure for NF2, therefore the constant damage to the body resulting from tumor growth and treatments to manage them make proper nutrition and exercise very important for the perpetual recovery process of nerve damage and low immune system from the constant fight.

Tumor growth leaves deficiencies that should be monitored by physicians and some can be managed through the addition of daily supplements and multivitamins. As with all things it is important for each person to talk to regular physicians as well as Neuro-Oncologists during regular MRI reviews.

All healthy individuals should pursue the recommendations given by WCRF, AICR, IARC, UICC, WHO and other international and national organizations for healthy diet and regular physical activity. Cancer survivors should be integrated in nutrition care process by a registered dietitian.

  1. B12 Vitamins
  2. Folic Acid
  3. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is necessary for bone growth and health. People with NF2 develop bone abnormalities in the skull and vertebrae as the result of tumor damage. Dehydration (Water and Alcohol)

Many of these are best taken with water to increase circulation and help with hydration. Since alcohol causes dehydration it should be avoided at least a few hours before or after taking any pills. Death is a possible side effect of taking a combination of the above with alcohol. Please be careful.

7. Physical Activity

Link between high energy intake, insufficient physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, obesity and cancers has already been ascertained.

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