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Hearing Loss Options

  1. Sound Options - Hearing Implants
  2. Communication Strategies:
  3. Technology
  4. Deaf Advocates
  5. Additional Deaf Resources Online

As people with NF2 start to develop Tinnitus (ringing ears) and slowly move to become HOH (Hard of Hearing), questions of options arise for what to do to live in a deaf world.

Thanks to technology there are many options.

  • Sound Options: Hearing Aids, Hearing Implants and Amplification Options. There are specific hearing aid type devices that can help for all forms of hearing loss.

  • Communication Strategies: Different Languages and ways to understand the hearing world that can be learned and learned about online.

  • Technology: There is a wide range of devices as an alternative to sound, some of which include; Alternate Home Telephones, Cell phone Applications and Computer Technology to make it easier for others to type what we need to hear.

  • Deaf Advocates: Guarantees to help make communications available to people with hearing loss issues gives us an array of options we should also be aware of, to know what to ask for.

  • Additional Deaf Resources Online