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Cancer Treatment Revolution

On March 25, 2014 Science Daily's shared an article; "Cancer treatment revolution potential with new drug" explains expectations of a new medication in development.

There is an issue with many Chemotherapies for Cancer, that is frequently an issue with NF2, "Existing cancer treatments often become less effective after the first course, as Cancer Cells learn how they are being attacked."

However, "The drug we have developed is a catalyst and is active at low doses. It can attack Cancer Cells in multiple ways at the same time, so the Cancer is less able to adapt to the treatment. This means the new drugs could be much more effective than existing treatments."

The hope is that this new treatment "could not only dramatically slow down and halt cancer growth, but also significantly reduce the side effects suffered by patients." For individuals with NF2, side effect minimization is even more important than Cancer since NF2 tumors will only start to grow again once the treatment is stopped. Since tumors start to grow before a child is born from fertilization, even if not seen in MRI's till later.

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