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Cognitive Development

Cognitive Brain Development is an issue with different brain tumor management treatments. In the SharpBrain article on What are Cognitive Abilities and Skills, and How to Boost Them? it explains what cognitive effects include.

Some scientists say the age the brain is completely finished developing is 21, others say it continues till the age of 25.

Radiation exposure ie; CT Scans or Radiation Treatments, damage the brain and result in a decline or prevent further development of cognitive ability.

Is this permanent damage, which might not be immediately seen, a risk worth immediate hospital release after treatment for you or your child?

Reference Source

Michelon, Pascale MD. SharpBrains. March 21, 2014. What are Cognitive Abilities and Skills, and How to Boost Them? http://sharpbrains.com/blog/2006/12/18/what-are-cognitive-abilities/
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