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Last Updated: 03/28/17


  1. Cochlear Ltd. Devices
    • ABI, CI and BaHa
    • Nucleus: N6 CP 920 and
      N6 CP10 changes from N5 CP810
  2. MED-EL Devices
  3. ABI Brand And Implant Facts
  4. Advanced Bionics
  5. Sources

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Focus: Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) Options

There are currently two brands of Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABI) available as hearing options which are possible options if the Cochlear Nerve (Hearing Nerve) is completely broken from; 1) Cochlear Ltd., and 2) MED-EL. Advance Bionics supplies Cochlear Implants (CI), but not ABI.

1. Cochlear Ltd. Devices: www.cochlear.com

CI, ABI, and BaHa (Bone-anchored hearing aid) options

Freedom, Nucleus, N5, N6
  • Current Processors (CP) for ABI and CI: Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor 910 (N6 CP 910), and Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor (N6 CP 920)
  • N6 CP 920: The N6 920 is 2mm larger to allow for plug connectivity from processor to cell phones or other audio devices, this allows for sound of only the audio device during the connection for improved sound of audio device.
  • N6 CP910: The N6 910 is 2.9mm smaller than the Images of size differences show the 920 with the large batter and the 910 with the compact battery, makes the 910 look considerably smaller, when compact battery can be used for both. (regular batter stays charged longer than compact by a few hours)
Freedom, Nucleus, N5, N6

Nucleus: N6 CP 920 and N6 CP10 changes from N5 CP810

  • Processors Size: Smaller and lighter: N5 CP810 was 42.2mm, N6 CP N910 with standard rechargeable battery is 39.1 and N920 with standard rechargeable battery is 41.1 but both N6 are thinner than the N5.
  • Battery Sizes and Options: N5 battery was 22mm tall. For the N6, it is the Rechargeable Compact battery that helps to allow for the considerably smaller size difference at only 16mm, but the N6 processors can also be used with a Standard Batteries case height of 22mm, and Standard Rechargeable case size of 21mm.
  • Child Aid: Child aids options include; 1) waterproof gear, 2) parent notifications if processor is not connected to battery for sound, or 3) battery dies.
  • Wireless Adjustments: Wireless sound adjustments devise, tunes out unnecessary sounds, but sound can be set to automatically find right mode. Settings can be used to set sound to direct conversation in crowded room, or instead to search for all sound.
  • Blue Tooth: Now has options to work with Blue Tooth Connection devices

2. MED-EL Devices: www.medel.com

Implant Sound Processors for CI and ABI is OPUS 2

3. ABI Brand And Implant Facts

  • Audiologist: Audiologists who can help do initial ABI setup is also necessary several times after for program changes in device and in some hospitals to guarantee the ABI will work with the best sound will assist and do tests during snuggery to guarantee ideal placement for maximum sound. Ideally the hospital for ABI implant should include an Audiologist as a part of the surgical team.
  • Some countries say Cochlear Nucleus ABI is not available if Med-EL is.
  • Some countries have access to neither ABI brand.
  • Med-El ABI studies indicate sound quality may be equal to Cochlear ABI. But Med-EL ABI has 13 electrodes, Cochlear ABI has 21.

4. Advanced Bionics: www.advancedbionics.com

CI, but no ABIs as Options with Advanced Bionics

5. Sources

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  3. Cochlear LTD. http://www.cochlear.com
  4. Advanced Bionics. http://www.advancedbionics.com
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